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Really Good Stuff

I’m doing everything I want right now and making the best of the free time that I have. Saturdays I go shopping and prep food for the week before rehearsal with the ladies. Then I’ll start rehearsing with a new group while preparing for my concert. August will definitely be busy but fun.

Work is awesome. My boss is laid back and I have the coolest office space (it’s a little hangout spot). And everyone is quite approachable. It’s a nice environment overall.

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My coworkers are awesome!

I have two work moms. They’re bringing jerk chicken and rice and peas on Monday. 😁

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"Are You Adventist?"

A guy at worked walked up to me and asked me that question. That’s it. Just that one question.

I don’t know if it was because I was wearing pantyhose or if he is really that random. But it started a cool conversation.

— 1 week ago
#by the way I'm not and i think he was disappointed 

I finished my first day at work and got a call to record some tracks soon. All is well.

My group member challenged me to do the gospel challenge on Facebook. I accepted it so I could challenge my other friends. (hehehe) So I pushed my shyness to the side for a minute and it was great.

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Confession and Forgiveness →

But if we confess our sins to God, he can always be trusted to forgive us and take our sins away.

— 2 weeks ago
Unnecessary Late Night Headache

Making a master to do list before bed. I’m so glad I remembered I have to give a speech at the scholarship program Sunday. I really feel that I’ll be less stressed and
less forgetful after Friday.

In other news, today was my dad’s birthday. I’m really disappointed that 8 of his children didn’t call. My dad probably doesn’t care (since he thought yesterday was his birthday). But it’s still disheartening.

— 2 weeks ago
So Inactive

I just updated my Facebook status. The last update was in May. I’m so inactive sometimes I tell people I don’t have Facebook.

— 2 weeks ago