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Birthday Gratefulness

I’m still enjoying my birthday. My coworkers took me out to lunch, my friend gave me an amazing gift and my grandma sang happy birthday to me. My favourite part was when she sang, “happy birthday dear…what’s your name?”
But she remembered her little girl came to visit and that’s all that matters.

When I was out at lunch, the gentleman beside me guessed I was 21. When I told him I was 26 he said, “Oh, that’s a good age. I remember when I was 26…man, I was on top of the world.”

And I’m thankful that today I feel the same.

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Better Than Ever

Our concert was awesome tonight. Although we couldn’t do what we planned, it was better than we could’ve imagined. I saw an old friend from college and we’re hooking up lunch soon. And I talked to my former co-worker and we’re celebrating my birthday on Wednesday.

I’m blessed that singing has made me approachable. I hug everyone I can reach after a program, thank them for their support and even start a conversation. (And shockingly, it doesn’t interfere with my introversion.)

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To Every Black Man, Black Woman and Black Child


You are important.
You are worthy.
You are loved.

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Proverbs 20:20-21


20 If someone curses their father or mother, 

    their lamp will be snuffed out in pitch darkness.

21 An inheritance claimed too soon
    will not be blessed at the end.

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Black Christians →


An anon asked me to post a list of black Christians that I follow. Somebody tag me when they get the chance. It won’t allow me to tag myself. Also, if you know any black folk that love Jesus up here, drop a tag!




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I don’t want to socialize for the rest of the year. I’ve reached my limit for person-to-person interactions. I still love everyone…just don’t want to see them or exchange pleasantries right now.

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Cultural Love

My coworker is Kenyan and she was curious as to how I understand her accent better than most people in the office when I don’t live in a diverse area. I just explained that I love African culture. I had African friends in college, watched a bunch of Nollywood movies and started learning Igbo.

She told me about the corporate and social culture in her home country and I was able to chime in with the little I’ve been able to learn over the years. And Monday she’s bringing samosas. 😁

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